July 27, 2015

How does it work?

Each player is responsible for finding sponsors to make pledges to raise money for Hits for the Cure. Each person will be given an excel sheet. The excel sheet is for players to raise money by getting sponsors to pledge. Every team member is required to get at least two sponsors. The pledges will be based on the total number of hits your team gets at the end of the season. A sponsor can choose to donate based on the amount of hits or a flat donation. There is no minimum or maximum that the sponsor has to pledge, but the bigger the better! The total pledge will be collected at the end of each season. Donors can pay by cash, check, or electronically at hitsforthecure.org. Once the money has been collected, it will then be donated to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Midwest Affiliate in Peoria, Illinois.

For example: Your sponsor pledges 10 cents per hit. You play for the varsity softball team and as a team ended up with 350 hits for the season. At the end of the season the sponsor would pay $35.

The goal is to raise as much money as possible by finding sponsors and helping your team get as many hits as possible. Your team will be keeping track of the hits through GameChanger. The coaches for each team will update GameChanger after every game.


  1. Each player must get two sponsors
  2. There is no minimum or maximum amount a sponsor has to pledge per hit
  3. The pledges will be based on your team’s total amount of hits at the end of the season
  4. Collection for the money will be at the end of the season

Prize Time!

Individual Prize:

In order to motivate players, Hits for the Cure will be awarding one player on J.V. and Varsity combined who raised the most money with a new Louisville Slugger bat. The bat will be brand new and the winner will get to pick out the size that is to her pleasing. Therefore, raising the most money will be extremely beneficial to you. The only way to win is to have the most sponsors and pledges.

Team Prize:

In order to motivate the coaches and the team, there will be another prize. For every $10,000 a program raises, a new Louisville Slugger bat will be given to the team to be used as a team bat.