Each player is responsible for finding pledges in order to raise money for Hits for the Cure. Every team has been giving an online link to their fundraising page through Pledgeit.org .

The pledges will be based on the total number of hits your team earns by the end of the regular game season. A sponsor can go online by using the player’s individual link. The sponsor can choose to donate based on the amount of hits or a flat donation. There is no minimum or maximum that the sponsor has to pledge, but the bigger the better!

For example: Your sponsor pledges 10 cents per hit. You play for the varsity softball team and as a team ended up with 250 hits for the season. At the end of the season the sponsor would pay $25.

Hits will be updated on a monthly basis to pledgeit.org . Sponsors will be charged using their credit card and the money will go directly into the Hits for the Cure fund. If a sponsor chooses to make a flat donation, they will be charged right away. For those who pledge per hit, they will be charged monthly. Once the money has been collected, our goal is to make a local impact in our community by giving this money to OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois – Midwest Affiliate to St. Jude, to benefit those children fighting childhood cancer.