Mission Statement

It is the mission of Hits for the Cure to raise funds to provide children battling cancer with the support necessary to follow their dreams despite their circumstances. Monies raised through softball and baseball teams will specifically support established and reputable organizations whose mission statements also support the lives of those fighting childhood cancer. Intentional efforts will be made to support the fight against childhood cancer in the communities where the money has been raised.

What makes us unique?

A personal touch by cancer survivor and founder, Chloe Petersen, helps bring first-hand knowledge of the difficulties involving a childhood life dedicated to battling cancer. Despite her circumstances, she won the battle and was blessed to grow up and pursue her dreams. Now she believes it is time to use her talents to give back to help other children follow her down the same path.


The goal is to raise money by finding sponsors and helping your team get as many hits as possible.


Hits for the Cure founder Chloe Petersen was diagnosed with kidney cancer at the age of one when she went in for her one-year check up. For the next few years, she battled stage two kidney cancer and went through life threatening surgeries that were treated with chemotherapy. She was able to survive the cancer and by age six, she was 100% cured thanks to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Ever since she was given her life back, Chloe had a new goal – play Division I softball. Throughout her high school years, she trained and studied hard and by the beginning of her junior year, she was accepted and given a scholarship to play softball at the University of Kansas. She accomplished her dream, but still had two years left until college. Then, a new dream crossed her mind. She wanted to give back to other children battling cancer so they can one day do what they love.

This is when Hits for the Cure was created. At first, it was just a vision with little hopes of accomplishing it, but thanks to her supportive family, coaches, and team, Chloe was able to make this into something bigger than she would have ever dreamed possible. The whole idea behind Hits for the Cure is using the talents you were given to help give back to those battling.

Over $140,101 raised by 19 teams and we are still hitting back!

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