For every team that participates, Hits for the Cure advises the team to have a dedicated “representative”. The representative is assigned to be in charge of the tasks involved in carrying out the fundraiser. Frankie Boley was Peoria Notre Dame’s representative in the 2016 softball season. We decided to ask her a few questions so other baseball and softball players interested in having their team join Hits for the Cure can get an idea of what it is like to be a representative.

Describe what you did as a representative for Hits for the Cure.

I tried to do everything in my power to help the children at St. Jude. I kept track of players’ pledge sheets and money, arranged a day to visit some of the patients at St. Jude, contacted local news stations and writers to publicize the foundation and the Hits for the Cure game, and tried to communicate well with Chloe, Coach Petersen, and Coach Olehy about everything that was going on.

What advice do you give to the players who want to be representatives for their team?

My advice is to be as encouraging as you can towards the other girls. Be understanding that it is hard for people to give money but also be reminding of what a good cause it is. Remember to be patient when collecting money and plan strict dates for turn-ins, but also allow plenty of time for people to get their money in even after those deadlines. It is important to be a good and supportive leader but also be stern and hold your girls accountable to their two needed pledges.

What was the best part about being a representative?

The best part of being a representative was being able to help those beautiful kids at St. Jude. It was wonderful to be able to represent a program that works and plays for a reason even bigger than softball. I was honored to be able to serve my coaches, teammates, and St. Jude as a representative.

How did you benefit from being a part of Hits for the Cure (what will you take away from this experience)?

Being a part of Hits for the Cure helped me grow as a person. It was so amazing to meet and see the kids at St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I was taught new leadership skills and even pushed out of my comfort zone calling sponsors over the phone who I did not even know. It was a great opportunity to work hard for a good cause.